Artist Statement

I am interested in my own self-control, impulse, desires, and regression. I express these themes through sculpture and painting. During the creation process I evaluate the outcome and decide if the artwork needs to undergo a transformation, whether that’s a physical destruction of a painting so it becomes a sculpture, or giving my sculptures a purpose to make them art objects, which are then eventually retired as sculptures. I want to diminish my work by creating, destroying, and creating again. Re-purposing my creations till I am satisfied. Destruction allows me to fuel my inspiration and forces me to look again, discover where the art is happening and what state it is in now. My process is just as important as the outcomes, the process is where I learn the most about my practice and often is what inspires the next piece.
I see a lot of my works to be a document of performance, a performance of regression and play. I feel that my outcomes are a mark left behind. As the artist the mark I have made is about my current state of mind, what caused me to create said mark and where I now stand reflecting on my marks. To me art is about immortality, and the work I create is often inspired by extensional thoughts I have. The largest one that motivates me is: What is the point in making art if what I’m making has likely been done before?


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